Haircare is Planet Care

It is more important than ever to nurture your hair in a way that protects the planet. Green isn’t just for flourishing Mother Earth but it is also to shift beauty into a eco-friendly direction. O’right products allows you to do just this with the new organic hair products range which are completely free of pollution. All O’right products are USDA Biobased certified hair products made from raw material and renewable plastic.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry

We have always strived to bring organic products to you while surviving the purpose of saving the environment. With the eco-friendly touch of O'right, you can take the next step in hair care and nurture. Give your hair the organic scalp care it deserves with sustainable shampoos, conditioners, and more ideal products.
O'right For Sustainable and Professional Nourish
As an all USDA Biobased certified product, O'right is an excellent addition to turning your salon into the environment-saving care of tomorrow. It provides care products from shampoos like O'right Caffeine Shampoo and curls defining oil packaged from recycled plastic materials. Its sole purpose is to keep the environment safe and hair-free from chemical harm. It’s, as the brand puts it,

“A Tree in a Bottle”

Chemical Free and Natural Overflow

O'right is a chemical-free product that overflows with natural elements and materials. It contains innovative premium amino acid-based, glucoside-based natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations. Choose the greenest and purest hair brand in the market containing nothing but chemical-free supplements for scalp care. It’s:
● Environ. Hormones(NP) FREE
● Parabens FREE
● Formaldehyde FREE
● Colourants FREE
● Phthalates FREE
● Sulfate Surfactants FREE
● Thickeners, DEA(Diethanolamine) FREE
● And, EO FREE

The essential key for natural beauty is right here at Foxyskin FZ LLC. We recommend adding mother nature to your barbershop or salon and maintain a greener world.

A Way To Pay Back Mother Nature

O'right organic hair products also reduce carbon emissions by 80%, thanks to their organic packaging. They’re made from household goods such as plastic milk bottles, yogurt bottles, shampoo bottles, and body wash bottles. The process is simply recycling these reusable items and creating an environment-friendly package for hair care use.

Our Passion and Duty

We don’t sell beauty products as much as we sell hope and confidence. Playing a small part in society to bring good health to both people and the environment is a pleasure and a passion. Enhance your salon into an eco-friendly business that offers care for both individuals and mother earth.
From recycled packaging to natural ingredients, O'right hair products are your gateway to a greener future.
Beauty is from nature, so why not become one with it?

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