EIDEAL Rebrands

Professional Beauty talks to Haysam Eid, Managing Director of EIDEAL about their new re-branding and the vision behind it

  1. Haysam, EIDEAL had grown exponentially since inception, becoming a distributor to some of the hair and beauty industry’s best-known brands, as well as a manufacturer. Why did you feel that now was the right time to re-brand?

Taking into consideration several factors such as market competition, shifts in consumer preferences and trends, changes in the company's vision, goals and target audience, and the brand's overall market performance. It is essential to continually monitor these factors to determine when a rebrand is necessary. Rebranding should also be well-timed with the brand's business strategy and goals. If done correctly, rebranding can help to rejuvenate a brand and help it stay relevant and appealing to its target audience.

  1. Talk to us about the process of the re-brand - steps involved, time it took etc.

This process provided us a terrific opportunity to take a step back and assess our brand, what it currently represents and what direction we wish it to take in the future.

Each member of the EIDEAL team was invited to several seminars with brand development specialists so they could offer their unique perspective on what EIDEAL represents for them.

Once we got everyone’s input, the agency tasked with developing the brand continued to liaise with the key members of the EIDEAL management team to develop brand guidelines, including logo, taglines and advertising captions that would encompass the vision we have for the brand.

From start to finish, I would say this took almost six months but one of the beauties of EIDEAL is that we pride ourselves on constantly evolving so I would say this represented the first – but not the last- step for us.

  1. The colours chosen are very bold and make a move from the tradition monochrome palette associated with EIDEAL. Was this a conscious move and if so, why?

Rebranding was an opportunity to refresh our image and make a statement to our target audience. By using bold colors, we can differentiate ourselves from the competitors and stand out in a crowded market. The use of bold colors can also evoke specific emotions and convey our brand personality and values.

We have chosen bold colors to convey an energetic, and creative image that appeals to our target audience. The decision to move away from a traditional monochrome palette has been a conscious choice, intended to make a statement and set the brand apart.

It's important to note that the process of rebranding is a complex one and every company's approach is unique. The use of bold colors is just one of many strategies that can be employed during a rebranding process.

  1. What do you think the new colour palette says about the company?

The color palette is inspired by EIDEAL's legacy: Natural hair colors.

The aim of this type of color palette is to showcase the beauty and diversity of natural hair and to provide a range of shades that can be used in the beauty industry. It can promote inclusivity, representation of the diversity. 

  1. Will the re-brand take affect for both arms of the business - manufacturing and distributorship?

Since the two arms of the business are closely integrated and operate under the same brand, it may make sense to rebrand both to ensure consistency and unity.

And since our business goals are to expand into new markets and to reposition the brand, it is necessary to rebrand both arms to ensure consistency and clarity.

  1. The prominent new tagline is “Be Seen”. How was this devised and how do you think it is aligning with EIDEAL as a brand?

To be seen. To be known.

And to be loved into wholeness.

That is the ideal.

We are driven by our creativity.

It lies within our legacy and guides the way we provide our stylists and end-users with the means to shine in their own way.

Our creativity is fuelled by our curiosity to always test our limits, to find the best means to satisfy our customers, and to create the best products using our decades of experience and expertise.

We are dynamic by nature.

We live in a constantly evolving landscape. We understand the importance of always anticipating our customers’ needs, and persistently be at the forefront of innovation, and technology.

Respect is at the core of the way we behave and do business.

We believe in inclusivity, and equal access to opportunities for all. We treat each other and our customers with attentiveness, and courtesy.

Challenges motivate us to keep moving forward until we succeed. Our curiosity and dynamism fuel our determination to reach our goals and exceed our customers’ expectations.

  1. How is this rebranding reflective of your ethos? What do you think it indicates about the company?

We are in the business of beauty. With our products and services, and creativity, we inspire our partners and customers to be at their best.

We believe that beauty is everywhere, and in each person, no matter who they are, where they come from, or the color of their skin.

We are genuine in the way we think, act, and create. Just as we believe in and celebrate authenticity and genuine beauty.

Elegance and a refined taste are the pillars of true beauty. We express ourselves in a discerning and graceful manner.

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